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A smooth, instant updating of professional ovens in restaurant chains is made possible by Hounö’s “Let’s Cook” Cloud solution.

In larger restaurant chains, the menus change slowly. One reason is technical: it typically costs between 100 and 500 dollars for a technician to manually update each professional oven with new recipes – and most restaurants have several of these ovens.

To get ahead of the competition and meet the food service industry’s demand for more flexibility, Hounö, a manufacturer of professional ovens, teamed up with design-people. The assignment: let’s take a lead in the Internet of Things trend by creating new Cloud services around our products that create real value for our stakeholders and users.

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All about user experience
Including users along the way gave the project its pace and rhythm. Starting with an initial 12-participant-workshop, moving on to developing digital experience prototypes and then getting feedback on these from future users at Europe’s biggest food service equipment exhibition in Milan, the aim for a unique customer experience was what constantly drove innovation further.

Next followed several iterations exploring the current workflows of technicians, chefs and restaurant managers. These ultra detailed insights gave designers and developers the best possible conditions to frame and finalize the content structure of the Cloud solution: Screen architecture; interaction principles such as navigation and transitions; and last but not least the visual integration of the HOUNÖ identity.

A trustful collaboration with the CEO of Hounö as a key driver, allowed our project team to involve various stakeholders around Hounö in the creation of the new “Let’s Cook” internet Cloud services – from marketing to sales & service and not at least key customers. This is the way to make the new connected services most valuable, as they build on the entire market- and tech know-how available to Hounö – the feedback in Milan proved that.

— Henrik Mathiassen, design director & client responsible partner at design-people


Target group analyisis
Stakeholder journey mapping
Service concepts
Digital prototypes
User testing


Henrik Mathiassen
Creative Director & Partner
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