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Customer Profile / Persona workshop

Who are the customers and users who will succeed with your product?

Your opportunity:
• Does your entire team have a clear picture of the most important buyers and users of your solution?
• Have you described the most crucial stakeholder and user profiles?
• Do you know how your solution can make a difference to the success of these people at work or at home?

The above must be in place in order to create a solution with maximum customer value. It is especially effective when both development, sales and marketing have the same picture of the priority customer and user profiles.

What we offer

a) We conduct a workshop with your team, in which we map the stakeholders surrounding your (upcoming) product in a proven process and with effective aids.
b) We help the team prioritize the crucial customer and user profiles.
c) We go into depth and use the entire team’s customer knowledge to describe the profiles and their needs and success criteria.
d) We develop ideas regarding how your solution can create value for the selected user profiles.

The value we create together

• A team with an aligned view of the prioritized customer profiles and their needs can significantly deliver customer value.
• Both in development, sales, and marketing, you will notice your business moving more focused and efficiently.
• You’ll have a good foundation for increasing your customer insights with additional user studies and tests and for developing personas* based on the profiles from the workshop.

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