Chatty Men and Pragmatic Women:

How to Succeed in the Sharing Economy by Creating Winning Experiences

New insights about the ride sharing preferences of males and females

The sharing economy is growing, and so is the use of ride sharing, meaning that drivers and potential passengers are brought together via a digital “service platform”. As GoMore is the largest platform of its kind in Denmark, we used its users as a reference for this study.

What makes ride sharing into a great experience – for her and him? This qualitative user study provides insights about the specific female and male motivators and barriers in ride sharing.

Download our study and learn why female Gomore-users tend to be pragmatics, while – surprisingly – men tend to be more hedonic. You’ll also get our suggestions about how to translate the findings into specific design ideas.

“We experienced the GoMore customer experience study as very professional. It’s findings and recommendations made us more sharp on the real benefits our service provides, including for which users and in which situations. As GoMore is a service with broad appeal, the challenge for us is to develop it in a targeted way. That’s why your focus on different user profiles’ GoMore experience (and on gender differences) was very valuable to us.”

— Frederik Nellemann Chief Product Officer, GoMore

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