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As the world of business is eagerly awaiting the boom of The Internet of Things (IoT), in June 2019 the finest IoT minds on the planet will congregate in our hometown, Aarhus.

Naturally, we want to help make this event everything it can be, so design-people has become one of the first partners of IoT Week Aarhus along with companies like Grundfos, Ericsson, Microsoft, Danske Bank, Systematic, and it-forum. We talked to Karsten Dehler, Chief Commercial Officer at it-forum, who is the head of the initiative. He told us about his vision for IoT Week Aarhus, his impressions at this year’s IoT Week in Bilbao, and the importance of well-designed IoT.

What will the IoT Week Aarhus provide for the visiting companies?
“IoT Week Aarhus will be an unparallelled global IoT showcase. Last year, people from 49 nations participated. We will show the world all the Danish successes where IoT technology already creates value because Denmark is able to combine the latest expert knowledge in different areas. We have the opportunity to set a new professional standard for thinking about cross-disciplinary partnerships. Our ambition is to create new alliances across industries and borders, to promote Danish interests in the standardization debate, to contribute to the IoT adoption in business and public organizations – and of course to facilitate the export of Danish IoT technology. ”

What are your impressions from IoT Week Bilbao? Any interesting trends?
“I experienced a very large focus on the technological possibilities that IoT creates. The focus is on setup, settings, and communication between the devices. One of the challenges for IoT is that many players define each of their communication standards, making things harder than they need to be. There is a need to focus on designing the setup process and device integration, as well as, of course, the design of user experience and aesthetics.”

Why is it important to include design in the conference?
“I’m absolutely certain that design companies are important to help the industry to design IoT solutions that are both relevant and easy to use. Design and user value must be considered at all levels – in every product, in every building, in every smart city. The earlier in the process, the better the results for both companies and users, because designers are good at shaping the IoT solution’s customer value. ”

Tell us about your vision for IoT Week Aarhus
”First, I would like to inspire a “why”. What value can IoT solutions create for us? How can they change the way we do business? How can they change our society? Thus, IoT Week Aarhus in 2019 will be the first to combine the “why” and the “how” in the same congress, creating synergies and future-oriented links between decision makers and experts.”

At design-people we are as excited as Karsten Dehler. We have the opportunity – with innovative collaborations and top-class designs – to pave the way for a prosperous Danish IoT adventure. Join us! Let’s create winning experiences.

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