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How to succeed with user involvement?

design-people’s 10 essentials for your inspiration

The most successful products and services are the ones that people find meaningful, delightful and easy to use. And the best way to develop them is dialogue with your target users.

From the very start, user insights have been the cornerstone of design-people’s people driven innovation process. More that 20% ouf our entire teams work is used on user insights. Recently, we took a look at what we’ve learned over the years and boiled it down to 10 recommendations. Here the first 3 about the “who to involve”:

1. Define your target group clearly
Align on key users and stakeholder profiles. Be open to the possibility of new user segments arising during your research.

2. Include not-yet users
By being more unbiased and open minded than users, not-yet-users may hold a key to innovative problem solving and business opportunities outside the box.

3. Pay attention to gender differences
Men and women are built differently and tend to think and behave differently. Know-how about gender differences helps you navigate and realise new user requirements that can boost innovation and business.

Read the full list, which also covers the “what” and “how” of user involvement in the the pdf document:
Download pdf of 10 essentials english / danish

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