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De-icing slippery roads in wintertime is a tough job done under extreme circumstances. A redesigned control panel led to better workflow for the truck-drivers and better business for the manufacturer of salt-spreading equipment, Epoke.

A need for re-thinking and redesigning the user interface of the control panels in Epoke’s truck equipment was at stake, when the company addressed design-people. Right from the beginning it was decided that user involvement would be key in order to fully understand the needs and requirements of those operating the panels: the drivers of de-icing trucks. A series of situational observations were therefore organized, where design-people’s team of designers and psychologists spent an entire night behind the wheel with the drivers, observing and listening to what is really at stake when working your way through snow- and ice-packed roads.

Simplification was the way forward: Fewer prioritised features and an improved interaction design, taking advantage of the touch screen technology already available. As an example, the spreading angle behind the truck now has a graphical representation at the touch panel; and likewise, audible and tactile feedback allow the driver to always keep an eye on the road, which is crucial in the often adverse working-conditions. The collaboration with design-people has clearly paid off.

We’ve set a new standard for user-friendliness in snow-removal vehicles. The combination of shorter training times, more efficient salt utilization and greater driver satisfaction makes good business sense to our customers. Our investment in design-people’s work with user-friendly design has given us a handsome return – and opened new doors in the export market for all our products.

— Jørn Christensen
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Henrik Mathiassen
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