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Successive loops of user experience research resulted in a highly intuitive user interface for the new VisualEyes™ software, used by audiologist for balance assessment.

A streamlined design, an intuitive workflow and the use of touch or hand-free functionality were on the spec-list when Interacoustics commissioned design-people to work on the development of the interface of their new VisualEyes™ software.

We wanted the new interface to be touch enabled and it should be based on our current software design but with a more modern touch. The VisualEyes™ software is an evolution of existing products, so we wanted the users to feel they entered a universe they were already acquainted with.

— Rie Søbye, Director of Marketing, Interacoustics

Global challenge
To reach the desired level of intuitive interaction for the very complex and sophisticated audology-tool, both user visits and feature workshops were organized in order to get the needed understanding of the users’ workflow. Insights that were also important in order to assure the product’s global launch, explains Rie Søbye:
‘We are present in more than 100 countries worldwide. Of course it’s demanding to design an interface that is equally perceived in so many different cultures. But the workflows and ways of working are often similar, no matter where you are. Therefore, once we had explored these workflows thoroughly, designing the interface was easier.’

Simplified & intuitive
Following the multiple research-phases, design-people were able to map the existing functionalities in terms of use frequency and importance, and limitations and possibilities were equally identified. This again led to the development of an extremely simplified interface, in which very few interactions are necessary to operate the complex functionalities of VisualEyes™. For instance, touch- & hands-free interaction is now possible plus the possibility of working on multiple screens.

‘I must say that we got the desired result – and that we are very happy with our new interface-design,” confirms Rie Søbye, Director of Marketing

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