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Smart-building concepts grounded in the female experience

The finnish firm KONE is a global leader in the escalator elevator and automatic door industry. Their focus on user experience is embodied in their brand promise, “Dedicated to people flow”.

KONE recently embarked on a new project with design people to discover untapped potentials for innovation and excellence idea of people flow. The goal: to explore the shopping mall and elevator experience of female users in Europe – and translate their wishes and their emotional and physical needs – into new concepts for social dimension of elevator use.

We developed six concepts that will give all kinds of users a new and better experience when using elevators. They’ve inspired KONE teams to address new dimensions of people flow innovation – and to take advantage of the related business potentials.

KONE elevator

Many leading companies have started to pay special attention to the empathy aspect of the user experience, in order to acquire in-depth insight into their users’ needs and wants. The diversity of user groups in our industry is immense so we decided to dive deep into the specific experiences of women of different ages and transform them into innovation potentials for the industry.

— Anne Stenros, Design Director, KONE
KONE process


User exploration
Field studies
Female value mapping & analysis
Development of user experience concepts


Henrik Mathiassen
CEO, co-founder
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