Scandinavian home cleaning

How to design an affordable and handy vacuum cleaner that makes life easier for people in small apartments?

British Dyson is taking a massive share of the vacuum market with expressive and expensive products. Nilfisk saw their opportunity in a different market position: A stick-vacuum cleaner is meant to be right at hand. Our user studies revealed that some people like it to take a visible place next to the dining or kitchen table – especially when young children are part of the house hold.

In close collaboration with Nilfisk our product design team translated the above into a design, that allows the “vac” to stand free in upright position. The distinct and fluent lines make the product look less technical and more interior friendly. The detachable part of the vac, that allows you to clean sofa or car interior is accessible from the rear and visually well integrated.

This “clean lines for clean products” design approach (as Nilfisk marketing puts it) has been applied to an entire range of Nilfisk home cleaning products – to be bought in both DIY and electronic retail shops.


User insights
Concept & Product design
Usability mock-ups
Color and finish
Design line for 4 products


Henrik Mathiassen
CEO, co-founder
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