”The Internet of Things – or IoT – offers huge business potential that many companies have become aware of. At design-people we experience, however, that it is an area, many companies see as confusing and complex. Who benefits when the product can be ‘remote controlled’ and exchanges data with ‘the cloud’ – and how? But things do not have to be so difficult if you have a good process and a focus on value for users.”

The words come from Klaus Schroeder, strategic innovation director at design-people. The Danish innovation & design studio has in recent years contributed to the development of a range of cloud-based solutions for various companies. Both when creating new IoT solutions, and when optimizing business impact for existing solutions – e.g. by improving communication of the benefits of an IoT solution to the customers.


Small effort, big effect
In a recent collaboration with the Danish petrol company “OK”, design-people has contributed to an analysis of the web marketing of the new OK App, Tank & Betal (“Fill Up & Pay”). An IoT solution in which both the petrol pump and car wash are connected to the Internet and therefore can be operated remotely by the user. OK’s business developers were not yet happy with the figures for the use of their app, and especially wondered at the low proportion of female users. They therefore invited design-people for an on-line strategy day. At a seminar focusing on the technology preferences of users – and particularly women – design-people brought in a number of suggestions for improving communication around the app on OK’s website.

“We learned that we should not tell how ‘smart’ the app is, but about the difference it makes in the everyday lives of users. We increased our focus on comfort and convenience for the user – e.g. that he or she can remain warm and safe in the car while it is being washed. After the workshop we tested a new improved version of our web communication – to our pleasant surprise it almost doubled the number of downloads on the test page”

— Mikkel Kaczmarek, responsible for digital business development at OK

The collaboration between OK and design-people has been continued with more extensive studies of female user’s experience around the patrol stations and the use of the OK app.


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Klaus Schroeder
Strategy Director, CEO & Partner
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