A branded customer experience for one of Denmark’s leading start-ups.

Kasper Hessellund, CEO at one of Denmark’s leading start-ups raised his arms when he was able to announce an alliance with AirBnB. The collaboration is a milestone for the young company whose value proposition is to make key exchange easier for Airbnb hosts and guests, real estate agents or car rental companies.

A few weeks earlier, Swapsafe and design-people had started their collaboration. Kasper Hessellund had driven the development of the Swapsafe key boxes, both the technical aspects and the user interfaces, to a level where the new key exchange solution in principle worked. But he knew that to scale the solution and to fulfil its global business potentials, the Swapsafe customer experience and branding needed careful attention to become ‘best in class’.


Building a brand
design-people started the collaboration process by jointly carving out the prioritised market segments, customer profiles, value proposition and brand values. Based on this essential foundation the payoff was reframed and a new visual brand identity was designed, revolving around the key promise of :

Simple. Safe. Sharing.

An iconic logo, a subtle colour range, and carefully selected typefaces are combined with guidelines for the choice of pictures and a branded tone of voice in text messages – everything it takes to convey a branded look&feel that creates confidence and attraction among various Swapsafe stakeholders. Including potential investors who were successfully introduced to the new brand identity at an investor presentation.

Swapsafe brand identity

“At Swapsafe we chose to work with design-people because of their experience and support to build up an image of our new brand. And the collaboration has only just begun. We are looking forward to our continuous collaboration that we are sure will have a big influence in shaping our future communication activities and customer experience”

— Trine Fricke, COO at Swapsafe.

A branded Swapsafe customer journey
Now other touch points of the Swapsafe customer journey are being redesigned. Not at least the crucial interaction design on both the Swapsafe product and app will get careful attention. A long-term collaboration plan with design-people will allow to continuously improve the Swapsafe customer experience, as the business grows.


Brand identity
Customer journey
Communication strategy
User experience
Visual direction


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CEO, co-founder
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