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AN EXCLUSIVE Smartphone experience for Well-off women

Renowned for its high-end products, Vertu turned to design-people for extending both client base and design language.

Hutch Hutchison heading up Vertu’s concept creation and design was concerned that the exclusive brand was not reaching a crucial customer segment: women in high-income households.

“As a tech company, we have a natural bias towards male customers. That inspired me to ask design-people to help my design team develop a larger female customer base.”

— Hutch Hutchison, Head of concept creation & design

design-people’s ‘Inspired by Women’ expert team arranged interviews with this potentially promising female target group in half a dozen countries. The obtained data were first used to analyze the female innovation- & business potential for Vertu; next these findings were processed with Hutchison’s team to pinpoint innovation opportunities and purchase barriers. Outcome was a reframed design approach reflecting the experience of the prospective female users.

The result was even more successful than I had hoped. Not only did design-people give us new insights and tools for attracting female customers – they also made us realize that by addressing women, we can strengthen our appeal to men too.

— Hutch Hutchison, Head of concept creation & design

After some maturation, Vertu asked design-people to let the ‘Inspired by Women’-insights from the first study feed in to an upscale smartphone design with a Scandinavian design feel.
Combining recent knowledge about the high-income female Chinese consumers with lifestyle- and design trends, design-people developed a new range of smartphone design concepts. All transcend Vertu’s signature design-elements in to both feminine and male expressions targeting global luxury consumer segments.


Value exploration
Mapping of user experience
Workshop facilitation
Concept development
Product design


Henrik Mathiassen
CEO, co-founder
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