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Vifa has become a globally renowned brand within exclusive audio products – not least thanks to their design line which was developed in collaboration with design people. Vifa asked us to help design a new Bluetooth speaker with the ambition to win a young Chinese audience with great purchasing power.

The market for Bluetooth speakers has become a red ocean filled with lots of similar products, so our process started by systematically describing the target group and mapping their preferences. User studies with tests of similar products are always part of our research process to ensure a strong position for the new design.

Based on our work with Vifa’s product strategy, our designers created conceptual sketches and physical mock-ups of the speaker. The level of ambition for sound and design was extremely high, and we worked closely with Vifa’s sound designers and mechanical engineers.

Part of our creative process was to think of an extra element that would highlight the social element of listening to music – an aspect we know is very important to the young target group.

We named the result of our efforts “Kiss & Connect”. When two individual Vifa speakers touch each other, they connect and start playing together to create one big soundscape. The target group loves this unique feature.

The round two-coloured design with the ribbed metal grill has become a familiar face in the market for small Bluetooth speakers. And an international IF Design Award underlines that Vifa and design people have once again succeeded in taking a product to the highest level of design and innovation.


Design research & strategy
Product design & feature concept
Design finish & colors


Henrik Mathiassen
CEO, co-founder
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