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reddot design award 2016
IF product design award 2014
reddot design award 2014
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Nordic design – inspired by women – drives Vifa’s Business

Attractive, acclaimed and continuously awarded. Since the Danish loudspeaker manufacturer Vifa repositioned itself as an exclusive lifestyle brand in 2012, international markets have responded with enthusiasm.

”To me good design is good business. It’s so much more than a superficial polish. Today great design can give you a decisive advantage in a market where competition is rough.”
This confident statement comes from Michael Sørensen CEO of Vifa.
In 2012 he entered the driver’s seat at a company facing a new, strategic direction:
“At Vifa we made a strategic decision back in 2012 to go from being a manufacturing-based company, to being a luxury product & lifestyle brand. That included an important investment in the design part, but I have no doubt this is the most profitable strategy for a company like ours.”

Inspired by female preferences
Early on, Vifa understood the potential impact of listening to female users’ demands and wishes in an audio-industry with a strong male bias. More specifically, Vifa required a design partner that would be able to translate female users preferences into specific design solutions and thus wrapping the company’s authentic sound performance in an exclusive design:
“When you enter a home, you sense the personal atmosphere of a place and the things that are in it. Women have a large say in this. The key to our designs has been to create something that appeals to women but doesn’t scare the men away. Just because something is small and neat, there’s no reason to compromise on its strength and power. Our products prove that you can have both,” Michael Sørensen explains.

VIFA Helsinki

Authentic sound, good design
design-people assisted the Vifa brand’s development throughout the entire journey to success. A close collaboration based on a mutual understanding of the end-user:
“One of our keys to success is being respectful to our customers. At Vifa we have this very precise knowledge about one thing, creating authentic sound. You do one thing and you do it extremely well. If something isn’t good enough, it won’t be allowed through. Same rule applies to the product designs. It’s continuing to always do the best possible job because it gives your products the sense of something genuine and long-lasting, that will allow for a strong bond with your customers,” Vifa’s CEO continues.

Vifa Stockholm

Worldwide acknowledgement
With the launch of four different audio products and the attribution of seven prestigious design awards in less than five years, one can say the global markets have responded with enthusiasm to the exclusive lifestyle statement of Vifa’s Nordic design. Orders and distribution requests keep flooding in from around the world, and the response from women has been particularly enthusiastic. Social media have exercised much endorsement, driving worldwide acknowledgement of the Vifa brand as well as pushing the product sales further. design-people is profoundly proud to continuously helping Vifa develop great new products and audio user experiences.

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“… the best sounding portable wireless speaker we have reviewed so far that is not only the most unique and stylish looking, but also made incredibly well. A design that is unquestionably Scandinavian, and one that is stunningly minimalist. Simply gorgeous in every way.

– in its review of the Helsinki loudspeaker
VIFA Helsinki


Branding strategy – inspired by women
Personas & user involvement
Product design and –naming
Packaging & user guides
Color & trim


Henrik Mathiassen
CEO, co-founder
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Good Design Award 2014
Good Design Award 2016
iF Product Design Award 2014
Red Dot Award 2014
Red Dot Award 2016
iF Golden design award 2017

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