Rethinking smart homes


How to create winning user experiences for smart (connected) homes – innovative products and services that create real user benefits by being meaningful, desirable, and easy to use? To explore this question, design-people partnered up with Business Academy Aarhus and Develco Products.

80 “digital concept” students in 16 groups were given the following challenge: Develop a digital concept that creates a valuable smart home experience within one of these themes: convenient living, safety, energy management, care, or sharing. As a proven tool for customer-centric innovation, the students were introduced to design-people’s 5 Tech-user Navigator profiles. Each profile represents a specific consumer segment’s mindset and preferences regarding new technology. The teams worked within the framework of a given tech-user profile, one of the above themes, and specific smart home components (like smoke detectors, smart bulbs, or motion sensors) provided by Develco Products. After 3 weeks of intense group work, the students presented their concepts at a seminar and two winners (plus an honorable mention) were selected.

Top 3 projects



The SmartBnB concept is interesting because it takes smart home technology beyond the traditional “family home”. As the sharing economy is growing an exciting smart technology market segment is emerging.

Presentation of SmartBnB

Dröp helps you to become aware of your home’s water consumption  – the concept presents appealing visualizations and graphics that motivate the users.

Presentation of Dröp

An honorable mention goes to the “MyCare” concept team for breaking the rules and extending the “Tech-timid” target group with disabled people – a target group worth paying special attention to with smart care concepts.

Presentation of MyCare

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