Providing citizens with a stronger sense of security in growing urban surroundings is at stake in design-people’s participation in OrganiCity, presenting a unique opportunity to gain expertise within smart cities.

“OrganiCity is about experimenting with new smart city services. For us, it has been a privileged playground for exploring how technology can empower citizens to create safer cities together.”

— Martin Ibsen, digital director at design-people

At design-people, Digital director Martin Ibsen is quite enthusiastic when he explains the new design collaboration within the OrganiCity programme, a service network that explores how citizens, businesses and city authorities can work together to create digital solutions to urban challenges.

Together with Kanda, a consultancy specialized in implementing new technologies, design-people recently qualified for the OrganiCity programme with a project addressing the urban challenge of active citizenship. The project was selected as only one of 17 candidates among no less than 254 applications, and it aims to develop a mobile platform that empowers citizens and authorities to create safer cities together.

“In fact, working with a smart city perspective makes perfect sense to us at design-people. We have strong experience with design of smart home and building technology and we hope to explore if and how you can extend that feeling of security people feel at home to a larger urban scale. Plus the collaboration with Kanda gives us a unique possibility to put the newest digital tools to the test,” says Martin Ibsen.

The project involves a group of Aarhus citizens in a co-creation process, and results will be published in May 2018.


Henrik Mathiassen
CEO, co-founder
+45 28 40 40 14

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