People make it happen

Designing for a better world.

Curiosity has always been the driving force behind the industrial- and digital product design at Design-People. Ever since 2005, we have been asking the questions that take our clients’ businesses to the next level. We prioritize understanding the needs, motivations, and barriers for each user in order to find out where the meaningful value lies for the business.

We know design isn’t just about making a product easy on the eyes. Our goal is to simplify and improve product experiences by applying a strategic design thinking approach to our work. In the end, we believe this leads to better solutions for people and for the planet.

We are a multidisciplinary creative team.
Here’s what that looks like.

Henrik Mathiassen
CEO, Founder
Penny Paterson
Senior Business Developer
Adnan Oprasic
Senior Industrial Designer
Christoffer Nedergaard
Digital Product Designer
Sara Bjerring Søndergaard
Industrial Designer, Student worker
Klara Adolfsson
Industrial Designer, Intern
Anne Louise Rostbøll Hansen
Office Support

Friends of the house

Joe the ultimaker
3D Printer
Novak Stefanovic
Brand Experience Design Consultant
Kim Rosenlund
Graphic Design Consultant
Nicolaj Lyngsø Sørensen
Industrial Product Designer
Melina Kaetow
Digital Product Designer