For People. By People.

The collaboration starts here.

Plan of attack. Project approach. Call it what you will, some steps are simply the cornerstones of any successful product design. We believe that close collaboration in our partnership starts with the process below.






Identify the success criteria for the product design


Gather insights about the people who will use the product



Develop creative and qualified product design concepts


Test and evaluate how the concepts meet the success criteria



Fully develop and finalize selected product design


Present solution and relevant information to stakeholders


Define: A clear starting point is key to creating a meaningful product design solution. Together with you, we shape the hypothesis to frame the project as much as possible. What ambitions are we tackling? Sometimes pain points demand a solution; or innovative advances in technology come a-knockin’; we get butterflies in our stomachs when sustainable goals are included for long-term investments.

Understand: Collecting insights is essential to our process. Through field research, we deep-dive into user behavior to understand what the core elements are to the success of your design solution. Interviews, trend- and market research, stakeholder workshops and numerous other tools at our disposal all give us a strong foundation to work on in the innovation phase.


Ideate: Once we have all the insights, we go into brainstorming mode or let loose in ideation workshops. All product design possibilities that meet the success criteria are explored and rolled out into multiple solutions. User insights are merged with product requirements and become product design concepts that we present to you.

Validate: We then put the concept prototypes to the test. How do the users interact with them? Are we meeting the success criteria we have defined? With your input, we validate the prototypes. When necessary, we explore further concept refinement. Whatever it takes, we make sure we hit the mark.


Shape: Everything comes together. The look and feel of the selected product design is fully developed; the intuitive user interface is built out. Our talented designers and strategists craft every detail, step, and service and we rely on your feedback to complete this step.

Deliver: This is the cherry on top. The insights have been shaped into a final design. To strengthen your continued work, we package the insights, design details, and benefits into a priceless package that is ready to be implemented immediately; by you, your team, your stakeholders or external partners.

Our design process is the foundation for all our work. But no two partnerships are the same, and neither are their processes. We always customize the approach in collaboration with you.

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Inspired by Women

At Design-People we strive to make innovation and great design accessible for as many different kinds of people as possible.

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The “Guidebook to a Female Interaction Strategy” summarises research findings, guidelines and cases for “inspired by women” innovation and communication in a comprehensive guide made for industry practitioners.