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Curiosity has always been the driving force behind the industrial- and digital product design at Design-People. Ever since 2005, we have been asking the questions that take our clients’ businesses to the next level. We prioritize understanding the needs, motivations, and barriers for each user in order to find out where the meaningful value lies for the business.

We know design isn’t just about making a product easy on the eyes. Our goal is to simplify and improve product experiences by applying a strategic design thinking approach to our work. In the end, we believe this leads to better solutions for people and for the planet.

Digital Design that defines tomorrow

HMI and Connected Apps: Elevating every interaction.

Our legacy speaks for itself; we bridge the gap between tactile industrial design and intuitive digital interfaces. With Design-People, you’re not just getting a design team; you’re gaining a partner. Every journey is tailored to your vision.

HMIs based on a human approach.

We see HMI as more than just a digital touchpoint - it’s an integration of industrial operational design with digital interfaces.

Our philosophy “For people. By people.” is holistic, starting with a deep understanding of the user. Merging this understanding with 20 years of expertise, we create the best HMIs that enhance the overall user interaction with machines.

From gathering data on test machines to shaping a connected IoT experience
Digital ・ Insights
Streamlining Interacoustics’ new interface
Digital ・ Insights

Insights-driven Connected Apps.

Similar to HMIs, apps connect users with solutions, bridging digital capacities with tangible needs.

Through deep user-oriented research, we grasp the heartbeats of diverse user groups and their evolving demands. Blending these insights with our expertise since, we create apps that aren’t just user-friendly, but are extensions of everyday life.

Bang & Olufsen
Bang & Olufsen bring a female perspective to smart audio
Nordic design – inspired by women – drives Vifa’s Business
Industrial・ Insights

Dive deeper into our passion for product design.

Similar to HMIs, apps connect users with solutions, bridging digital capacities with tangible needs.

Through deep user-oriented research, we grasp the heartbeats of diverse user groups and their evolving demands. Blending these insights with our expertise since, we create apps that aren’t just user-friendly, but are extensions of everyday life.

Values that drive our HMI design.

1. Optimal user experience

We go beyond the standard of usability and intuitive design, as we understand the depth of the users' needs and challenges.

Our approach to HMI-design is not only about making it easy to understand, but also about helping users succeed in their work by eliminating the less important and making room for the essential.

2. Instant feedback and full control

Our carefully crafted HMI design gives users the feeling of complete control over the system.

We design feedback modules that guide users through every process, ensuring they are always informed about how the machine or product works and how they can optimize their workflows.

3. Safety and worry-free usage

With our HMI design, users not only get a user-friendly interface but also security and worry-free usage. Moreover, our design considers easy interruption of actions to protect users and the product. We guide users step by step in case of issues to minimize unnecessary machine stops and limit service tasks.

4. Strong brand DNA

We combine functionality with aesthetics. Our HMI design solutions are not only user-friendly and intuitive but also create a strong appealing expression. We tailor our design to your brand universe, creating a strong brand DNA that resonates with your target audience and enhances your product in the market.

Product Innovation Powerhouse

Industrial and digital products that empower people.
That's what we do best.

Industrial Product Design

We specialize in the process of designing physical products for mass production - with functions based on user needs and visual appealing.

Digital Product Design

We design interfaces like mobile apps, embedded and web solutions, that solve functional problems and meet user needs. Making them friendly and intuitive.

“Design-People's innovative process transformed our sprayer interface. Their user-driven approach exceeded expectations, enhancing precision and user-friendliness. A pivotal contribution to our competitive strength.”

Jens Aksel S. Sondergaard
R&D Manager, TeeJet

“We have been so lucky to collaborate with design-people on our customer experience. At AeroGuest we were mainly a small crew of developers to start with, and we had little time to spend on exploring the customer journey. Teaming up with design-people has given our product a much higher success-rate among its users.”

Martin Sponholtz
CEO, AeroGuest

“We wanted the new interface to be touch enabled and it should be based on our current software design but with a more modern touch. The VisualEyes™ software is an evolution of existing products, so we wanted the users to feel they entered a universe they were already acquainted with.”

Rie Søbye
Director of Marketing, Interacoustics

“Based on their real-life studies with water utility technicians, design-people helped us develop a strong functionality and interaction concept for our new READy Suite. The design DNA gives all the components of the suite a consistent Kamstrup look and feel. We now have a strong new offering in the remote metering market, and reactions from our sales force and the first end-users have been extremely encouraging.”

Finn Rasmussen
Project manager, Kamstrup

“Design-People were involved in the physical product design and the app-interface. Their contribution to both parts of the solution gave a very holistic result: the designs of the thermostat and the app are clearly integrated, it’s one solution instead of two products”


“We’ve set a new standard for user-friendliness in snow-removal vehicles. The combination of shorter training times, more efficient salt utilization and greater driver satisfaction makes good business sense to our customers. Our investment in design-people’s work with user-friendly design has given us a handsome return – and opened new doors in the export market for all our products.”


Our approach to HMI

What is the meaning of HMI (Human Machine Interface)?

HMI is by definition the interactive gateway between a user and a machine, enabling clear communication and efficient operation. HMIs seamlessly blend tangible elements, like physical buttons and handles, with digital interfaces. So, in essence, it's the touchpoint that bridges human intent with machine functionality. 

At Design-People, we work with HMIs in a unique blend of digital and industrial design. This integrated design ensures a coherent user experience, whether you are interacting with a simple appliance or a more complex industrial machine.

How do you see HMI differently from your competitors?

What sets us apart is our expertise in both industrial design and digital design. While our competitors focus on either one, we integrate both dimensions to ensure a more comprehensive and intuitive HMI.

Can you give an example of a successful HMI project?

Certainly! Hounö serves as a perfect example. Our solution for them was holistic; we crafted the Industrial Design, Interface Design, and even designed a service app for them. The result? A seamless experience across platforms, deeply rooted in our comprehensive understanding. 

Read the whole case here.

How do you ensure that your HMIs align with our brand and its users?

If you want to connect with people, you need to get to know them, think like them and put yourself in their place. Our philosophy "For People by People" is all about keeping the end-user in mind.

Our approach always begins with insights work — understanding and decoding user needs. We identify gaps in your current designs and ensure that the interface and controls cater to your actual users. 

Depending on what ambitions we’re tackling together, our field research could include interviews, trend- and market research, stakeholder workshops and numerous other tools.

Read more about our collaboration process

What future trends do you foresee in HMI design?

With the continuous evolution of technology, HMIs will move beyond just touch screens and physical buttons. Integration of voice commands, augmented reality, and even gesture controls are on the horizon. 

At Design People, we're committed to staying at the forefront of these trends, ensuring that our designs are always one step ahead.

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Apr 19, 2024
The daily frustration was the reality for many Nilfisk users across diverse industries before we stepped in. Back then, Nilfisk's Aero vacuum sales were in decline. They desperately needed an innovation, and they found it in our user-centered approach.
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99.9% of your customers are human. That’s why all great product innovations begin and end with people.

If you want to connect with people, you need to get to know them, think like them and put yourself in their place. This is our approach. And the reason we can promise that your next product will land in the sweet spot between magical and logical.

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Digital Design

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