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Curiosity has always been the driving force behind the industrial- and digital product design at Design-People. Ever since 2005, we have been asking the questions that take our clients’ businesses to the next level. We prioritize understanding the needs, motivations, and barriers for each user in order to find out where the meaningful value lies for the business.

We know design isn’t just about making a product easy on the eyes. Our goal is to simplify and improve product experiences by applying a strategic design thinking approach to our work. In the end, we believe this leads to better solutions for people and for the planet.

Professional products that leave a lasting impact

Industrial Product Design: Trusted by world-leading brands.

We create industrial products that not only perform, but also inspire in the market. Are you ready to transform your idea into a tangible, user-centric product?

​Industrial Design based on deep Insights and Analysis.

Our expertise in industrial design lies in creating physical products for mass production, with a focus on meeting user needs and ensuring the visual appeal.

We understand that every small detail of your product, from its ergonomics to its aesthetics, contributes to a unique product DNA that sets it apart in the market. Along with our systematic emphasis on understanding the user through research, we do all from the initial concept sketches to the creation of the final physical model.

Creating Compelling Benefit Stories within the frame
Industrial ・ Insights
Hounö Invoq
People-driven approach makes high-end oven smartphone simple
Industrial ・ Digital・ Insights

We're often recognized for our Industrial Designs, but our capabilities extend far beyond that.

As we’re all aware of, the boundaries between hardware and software are becoming increasingly blurred in today's world.​ That’s why we’re also integrating the physical product (that you can see and touch) with the digital realm, so it complements and enhances the overall user experience.

Product Innovation Powerhouse

Industrial and digital products that empower people.
That's what we do best.

Industrial Product Design

We specialize in the process of designing physical products for mass production - with functions based on user needs and visual appealing.

Digital Product Design

We design interfaces like mobile apps, embedded and web solutions, that solve functional problems and meet user needs. Making them friendly and intuitive.

“The success of our new Aero vacuum cleaners can be seen from the sales figures: Our sales goals for 4 years were reached within 2 years.”


“Design-People were involved in the physical product design and the app-interface. Their contribution to both parts of the solution gave a very holistic result: the designs of the thermostat and the app are clearly integrated, it’s one solution instead of two products”


“The new design was launched at the Agritechnica fair in Hannover in November 2023, and it immediately had a positive impact. Apart from providing significant exposure for our product range and generating sales leads during the fair, sales have already exceeded even our most optimistic volume projections. This has already proven to be a very good business case for us.”

Per Sørensen
Product Director Mowers and Bale Choppers, Kverneland Group Kerteminde AS

“There are three major pillars behind the development of Invoq: innovation, simplicity and sustainability.”

Vincent van Delft
VP sales at Houno

Our approach to Industrial Design

What is Industrial Design?

 Industrial design is the professional practice of designing the products that are used by millions of people around the world each day. Creating these products involves a combination of applied art and science, aesthetics, ergonomics and usability. 

At Design People, we are both creating consumer products, like speakers and vacuum cleaners, and industrial machinery, like ovens and processing machines, among others.

How do you view Industrial Design differently from your competitors?

Our approach is holistic, meaning that we consider the entire ecosystem of the product. Unlike our competitors who focus on one area, we create both physical product designs and digital interfaces, such as HMIs, mobile apps and web solutions.

To create these seamless user experiences, we conduct in-depth research and insights work to understand users behaviors, needs and trends.

How do you handle the digital aspects of your designs?

Our focus is on making technology accessible and intuitive, so that it complements and elevates the user's interaction with the product.

To make our designs intuitive, we also do HMIs and Digital Apps that integrate with the physical aspects of the product. This increases the overall functionality and user experience of the product. 

How do you ensure that your Industrial Design aligns with our brand and its users?

We place a strong emphasis on understanding our users, as we believe that all great product innovations begin and end with people. Our goal is to fully get to know your users, think like them and put ourselves in their place. 

Depending on what ambitions we’re tackling together, our field research could include interviews, trend- and market research, stakeholder workshops and numerous other tools.

Read more about our collaboration process

How do you ensure that the design solutions are ready for implementation?

Typically, at the end, we model and detail the outer surfaces, define colors, materials and finish. Prototypes and production samples also undergo testing and review, so we are sure that the design meets our highest standards. Product visualizations are also created to give a clear vision of the end result.

Our toolbox

99.9% of your customers are human. That’s why all great product innovations begin and end with people.

If you want to connect with people, you need to get to know them, think like them and put yourself in their place. This is our approach. And the reason we can promise that your next product will land in the sweet spot between magical and logical.

Industrial Design

Product Experience design
3D Surface Modeling
Functionality & Ergonomics Mock-ups
Product design DNA & Guidelines
Physical Appearance Models
Product Visualizations

Digital Design

User Experience design
User Interface design
Information Architecture
Developer Handoff

Insights & Analysis

Stakeholder workshop
User/Customer journey workshop
Field research
Trend research
User testing
Product Analysis