Driving innovation in the industry with industrial and digital product design.

We wake up every day to create value for your customers through meaningful product design and intuitive solutions. Working with your strategic and sustainable goals gets our adrenaline pumping. We thrive in strong partnerships and creating tangible improvements to your services, your users, and your results.

Trusted by innovative SMEs to world-leading brands

We’re not shy - we’ve got our fingers in a lot of industry board rooms. Our customers come from healthcare and utilities; agriculture and manufacturing; consumer electronics and food services.

Excuse us while we case-drop to back it up.

Cherishing our joyful design award moments

Awards aren't everything to us, but they indicate that we're on the right track. While we remain humble, we're always excited to share when partnerships result in a shiny pat on the back. Ultimately, our focus is on making your users happy, and these accolades serve as a bonus on our journey.

Danish Design Award
2018 - Danfoss, Eco
IF Award
2023 - Hounö, Invoq
2023 - Danfoss, IC7 Series
2020 - Vifa, City
2019 - AeroGuest, App
2018 - Vifa, Reykjavik
2017 - Vifa, Oslo
2014 - Nilfisk, Aero 21/26
2014 - Vifa, Copenhagen
2013 - Airmaster, Airlinq (Communication Design)
2013 - Airmaster, Airlinq (Product Design)
2012 - Klipsch Group, Jamo A200
2012 - Kamstrup, Multical 21
2009 - Klipsch Group, Jamo IC 410
2009 - Klipsch Group, Jamo IC 608
2006 - Migatronic
German Design Award
2017 - Danfoss, Link App
Reddot Award
2023 - Hounö, Invoq Oven Series (Best of the Best)
2018 - Danfoss, Eco
2018 - Vifa, Reykjavik
2017 - Vifa, Oslo
2016 - Vifa, Helsinki
2014 - Nilfisk, Aero
2014 - Vifa, Copenhagen
2010 - Migatronic, MIG-A-Twist
2008 - Danfoss, Devireg 233 Thermostat
Good Design
2017 - Vifa, Hilsinki
2016 - Vifa, Copenhagen
UX Design Award
2017 - Hounö, Let’s Cook (Nominated)

Thought-leading team for your product success

Collaborate with a team that doesn't just meet expectations but exceeds them. Your success is our priority, and our thought-leading approach is the driving force behind every solution we deliver. Join forces with us, and let's elevate your product to unprecedented success together.